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Connecting the Laboratory

The innovative cloud platform for CFX Opus Real-Time PCR Instruments enables researchers to design and manage experiments from anywhere at any time.

Connect Your Lab

With the CFX Opus Systems, you can connect your instrument directly to the cloud. Experimental setups and data are transferred seamlessly and automatically to and from the instrument, without the need for an instrument-connected PC. You can check the status of the experiment from anywhere while it’s running and have the results uploaded automatically upon completion.

Experiment in the Cloud

Our optimized workflow with easy-to-use plate and protocol editors makes it easier than ever to set up qPCR runs. The cloud platform is accessible from any web browser, providing you with the ability to set up and analyze experiments from your own computer, all without the need to install proprietary software.

Safeguard Your Data

Gain peace of mind knowing your data are always safe from accidental loss and unauthorized changes. With the cloud platform, all data is encrypted and transmitted safely over the Internet to our highly secure, geographically separated, and redundant data centers. Your account information and access to our service is accessible only through the use of an individual user ID and password.

Bringing Cloud Benefits to the Laboratory

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Remote setup and data access

  • Create new experiments from anywhere and automatically transfer the setup to the instrument
  • Access experimental data instantly upon completion of an experiment, no matter where you are
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Remote instrument monitoring

  • Access instrument information, such as model, serial number, and firmware version, from any location
  • Monitor the status of instruments located in different rooms, buildings, or sites from a single computer
  • Check the progress of experiments without returning to the lab
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Automatic data transfer and storage

  • Eliminate the hassle of manual data transfer and the risk of using USB drives in the laboratory
  • Mitigate risk of data loss due to local storage malfunction or damage
  • Ensure all of your experimental data is backed up automatically to the cloud
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Cloud-enabled software

  • Deploy and update easily — no need to install and manage software
  • Access from any Internet-connected computer (MacOS or PC), anywhere in the world
  • Ensure access anytime, with the reliability you expect from Bio-Rad
  • Reduce dependence on laboratory computers
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Enterprise-grade security and privacy controls

  • Protect your account and data using our inherent strong password requirements
  • Secure your intellectual property — your data is encrypted both in flight and at rest
  • Have confidence in the safety of your data — the cloud platform is regularly tested for security vulnerabilities
  • Utilize our data privacy controls for GDPR compliance